July 20, 2022

Introducing Treekeepers VR

Treekeepers is about a giant tree that needs saving and a hot air balloon at the disposal of you and your 4-person crew.

Introducing Treekeepers VR

A 4 player Cooperative Virtual Reality Game For Quest 2 and PC.

Treekeepers is about a giant tree that needs saving and a hot air balloon at the disposal of you and your 4-person crew. Along the way, encounter oversized obstacles and pests that are out to stop you. One player flies, one player defends the aircraft, and the others kill the bad guys.

Don't like who's flying? Then take the flight stick from them! But you'd better learn to work together quickly, because it's your team vs. the world.

Treekeepers is..

"Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, but you're actually there!"

"Exclusively co-op Sea of Thieves where you can fly!"

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Treekeepers is out in Early Access, and is free to play for now!  Grab a copy on the Quest or Steam store pages here:





What's Different About Treekeepers?

Explore on Quest or SteamVR with full Cross-Play. Enter VR, and a fantastical, oversized world with a surprisingly maneuverable hot air balloon awaits.
Strategize and Upgrade! Every station on the aircraft can be upgraded with energy, power, or metal modules! In the future, two upgrades will combine to create unique effects for each station!
Many Players, One Playspace! In addition to playing Treekeepers remotely, players can join an in-person session with a playspace-centering menu, allowing for true local co-op!
Dynamic Music. Treekeepers is full of bright, whimsical music that will bring players together. Using an algorithmic instrument progression system that builds up to full orchestral sound over the course of the game, no two runs will sound the same!
Beautiful on standalone VR, even more beautiful on high-powered VR. An intelligent system enables features that take advantage of higher powered and future headsets, such as the light emitting from this energy shield


Take a look at some multiplayer playthroughs!

A 2 player playthrough of the first 2 levels of the "Green Gardens" world:

This was played with one player on a Quest2 in a small playspace teleporting from station to station, and another player in PCVR in a playspace the size of the balloon, physically walking to each station.

Why build this in VR?

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